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Wish Upon A Star by BlueRoseArkelle Wish Upon A Star by BlueRoseArkelle
There is a pun in that title but nobody other than myself would get it yet :iconmingplz: //fail

  My OCs, Nostalgion (in front) and Wishmaker (behind).

>u< These two are Dream Characters of mine, or character that I have imagined in my literal sleeping dreams. Similar to that of Minerva, Spore, and Panda, if you know of them.
 TwT I've been really inspired by my dream characters lately. For a number of reasons really, but I think mainly because they are so random. xD Only in your dreams can you imagine such strange concepts for characters I think! Haha! ;3; Plus sometimes it is taxing I think, to always focus on your characters that are part of a hugely detailed and very specific world. Sometimes it is fun to just play around with very simple characters with a small story, as opposed to characters that have so much detail and stories that span across dozens of years or with an encyclopedia of context etc.
>u> Some of you guys might have seen these two before if you either watch my Youtube channel or follow me on Twitter, but I've yet to draw something proper of them and explain a bit about them, so textwall ahoy!
 8D //shot


In case you don't know/ remember, I see each of my dream characters to have their own small story, and each of those little stories are sort of compiled into one book, if that makes sense. They aren't part of the same world and the characters may never meet canon, but the thing that ties them together is that they all derived from the same place. in this case, dreams. While each of the previous characters i've mentioned are like the tales in the "book", you could think of Nostalgion and Wishmaker  like the "editors" of that book. They have their own story and were dreamed by me in the same way, but their characters had influence over the other dreams I had, or even the way my unconscious mind interprets dreaming to work.
In the strangely Inception like dream, people who were dreaming themselves  (specifically the characters from my previous dreams) came to a sort of "crossroads" during their sleep, at which time they would sort of...errr...well sleepwalk across it. I don't really remember it too specially, but basically it could be described as what the unconscious mind does while it drifts off into sleep. For the most part, the people would sleepwalk into this area of crossroads in which (;__; I know this sounds terrible my dreams are weird) they would usually walk into this giant lake of almost pitch-black water until it passed their heads, then they would fall asleep in the water which kind of looked like they were drowned. >_< Ahh its hard to explain. Just imagine someone sleeping in a tub under the water, okay? The point of this routine was to create the actual dream, if that makes sense. By sleeping in the pool of water it granted the person a new dream. If their sleepwalking selves did not sleep in this water, they would not have had the ability to dream, and so hypothetically they would not remember having one when they woke up. It goes a little further than that, but i'll explain that later. Anyways, usually they would do this routine every time they slept, but on occasion the people would wander into the crossroads "awake". Or more like they were conscious, but they were still dreaming. In these cases is where Nostalgion and Wishmaker came in, as you would think of them like the guardian and conditioner of this "crossroad".

Nostalgion in my dream, was a deer-centaur like person, most specifically what I remember of his appearance was that he had huge deer-like antlers that resembled stars in the night well and being a centaur ...which you can't tell in this drawing xD. He had a completely paper-white complexion with similar stary-night patterns on other places on his body, specifically around the bottom of his hooves/legs. He appeared in a way, similar to that of his environment, as the black lake water with the people floating in it as they slept resembled the starry night sky. Other specifics about his appearance I was not able to as keenly remember, but I've since played around with his image quite a lot to get it as close to what I believe is an accurate representation given his personality and concept. xD He didn't have a Unicorn horn at all in the dream though. That was a complete creative liberty I took because of a silly coincidence xD. So Unicorn deer, idk, it makes more sense than Wishmaker honestly //shot. He had a very fittingly, old-timey classic sort of gentlemanly quality to him, he reminded me a lot of the 1950's for some reason, and struck me as the type of guy would would always be wearing a tuxedo for no reason other than to always look dapper. Sadly they don't make tuxedos in centaur-size xDDD. In my dream he had the unique ability to cause deja-vu, or more accurately, recurring dreams. Hence his name, being a combination of the words Nostalgia and Stallion (xD I know I know. I'm dreadful at names. But really, these are the even the kind of names I UNCONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE. I can't even escape my stupid name choices in my dreams OTL). When these "stragglers" for lack of a better term, wandered the crossroads confused as to where they were, Nostalgion and Wishmaker would find them, often converse with them, but ultimately Nostalgion would wipe their memories of the place clean, and in the place of the dream they would've had should they have slept in the water, he replaces it with a dream they have had before, i.e. a recurring dream.

Wishmaker in the dream, was a far more distinct and easier to remember character physically. Similar to Nostalgion, Wishmaker had a completely paper-white complexion, but often held just a regular human form. Technically Wishmaker and Nostalgion are both asexual beings, lacking crucial gender-specific features (if you know what I mean *cough*), but their body shapes were still rather indicative of a male and female base form. Nostalgion more so, as Wishmaker was just more androgynous than anything, but I have since decided that the pronoun "she" would be what Wishmaker would personally most identify with should she have a say in it. xD Though its funny because I distinctly remember her being very sassy and using a lot of exaggerated body language, and also had a very discernible high-pitched, sassy, somewhat nasally sounding voice common in effeminate men xD. just imagine a flaming gay man saying "fabulous" and you'll know what I mean //shotshotshotI had to mention that, its hilarious as I never remember voices so clearly xDD. Anyways, it kind of looked like she was wearing a skin-tight body suit that was completely white, but it wasn't. Her body just appeared that way. I also remember her being very petite. She would sit on her knees on Nostalgion's back and still barely be able to look over his head xDD. xD Its kind of funny, but she reminded me a lot of a Japanese Kokeshi doll for some reason, with the shape of her eyes and her hair and stuff haha xD/ Anyways, Wishmaker also had a sort of...errr...alternate appearance. Sometimes instead of having regular human legs, she would have (I know I know, its really weird) octopus-like tentacle limbs (like Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid) but they were ghost-like and white like her body. It seemed she only took that form when either angry or doing something magical xD lol. The other VERY noticible feature of her was her hair. It took two main forms, one (that you can see here) just EXTREMELY long (no seriously, like Rapunzel long)and string like, which appeared all white like her body. The other form was the more iconic form, where (just try to follow me on this) each strand of her hair was wrapped up into what looked like a giant ball of yarn, so when all of her hair was wrapped up it looked like she had dozens of huge yarnballs (like the one in this picture) kind of like a giant poofy cloud or bubbles behind her. There were literally dozens of them and they made like a huge sort of..."hive" behind her. When in the "yarnball hive" form, her hair turned from all white to a gradient of rainbow.

o3o It would make WAY more sense if Wishmaker's name was Wishweaver or Wishgranter or something like that, but I distinctly remember her being called Wishmaker so yeah. Yay for stupid and also sometimes misleading names! 8D //shot

When coming across the "stragglers" in the crossroads, Wishmaker would offer them to play a sort of game. The game as we know it, would be Cats Cradle, a game played with two or more people using string. She set up the strings on her hands, then asked the person to make a wish. They could wish for anything they desired, whether it be an object, a person, or otherwise. Once they make their wish, she would tell them to pull the stings in whatever manner they so choose, but they can only do it once, no do-overs or practice. If they make a legitimate special pattern with the strings, she will grant their wish to them immediately. Nostalgion would still wipe their memory of the place clean and they would have a recurring dream that night, but the wish would come into effect in the future, regardless that they forgot it. It isn't immediate for them though, sometimes it would take dozens of years to come true, but eventually they would receive it and having not remembered the game, would think of it as "luck", "prayer", etc. However, if they failed to make a legitimate design with the strings, their wish is null and becomes the property of Wishmaker herself. Then of course, Nostalgion does what he does best. These wishes that she claims become the "yarnballs" in her hair, and those yarnballs turned the collected wishes into the fanciful fuel for dreams. She collects wishes until each strand of her hair is rolled up. When they all are, she goes to the lake and releases their magic into the water, and from all of those wishes the pool of dreams stays fresh and pure, and the people who wander in it each night are granted new dreams. When all of the yarnballs are gone however, Wishmaker's hair turns white again and the process repeats itself. There is one yarnball that always stays though, but that is her own secret as to why...o w o

TwT Their relationship...they definitely loved each other, but they won't say it. xD Wishmaker is too tsundere to say anything sincerely without a grave need, and Nostalgion doesn't see a need to say it because he is confidant she already knows how he feels and saying it for the sake of saying it instead of at a time when it matters makes it mean nothing.  They kind of gave a big-brother little-sister sort of vibe, if that makes sense. They tease each other and little sister can be really annoying and spiteful sometimes, but big brother would do anything for his little sister, even if he seems like a big boring meanie xDD. They are asexual beings anyways, so their form of "love" would be difficult to understand or explain anyways xD. There is another character that was  part of their story too, but i'll talk about that character some other time >u>

To think of their story on a deeper level, consider the "people" who wander into this crossroads with Nostalgion and Wishmaker are the other characters that I have dreamed. When they meet Wishmaker and successfully win her game, the "wish" that they get granted -for me- would function as an extension to their story. I.e. if Minerva wandered there in her sleep and won the game, I in turn would have another dream of Minerva in the future, in which her wish would come true in my dream of her. xD Its hard to explain, but yeah, its really cool to think about it like that. It adds a whole new level to how I think about my dreams and my dream characters. Even though things don't work that way of course, it is fun to think about it like that TwT


T//w//T Anyways, so yeah. They are so cool to me <333 I really really like them and how interesting they make the process of dreaming seem. x3 Plus I thought it was really cool how unconsciously, my brain connected the double-meaning of a literal "sleeping" dream to that of a conscious "wish" which can also be called a dream. Using "wishes" to make "dreams" xD Its really cool I think! <3
o3o I'm pretty sure there are alot of stories with a simialr idea though. xD But you know, I don't control what I dream, so its bond to have a big mix of completely reasonable things with really weird things haha~

TwT I tried to use the sort of colors that I imagined their world to look like in my dream. For once not retina burning saturated colors, but like the night sky with deep contrast but still with a soft muted feeling~

>w> Anyways, I hope you like iiiiitttt <333
eue I have a bunch more doodles of them as i've been obsessed with drawing them for a while. So you might see some spam of these two in the future hehe x3

Nostalgion and Wishmaker belong to me.
Media: Phyre FireAlpaca, Photoshop
Texture from here:…
Time taken: I can't remember these things when I'm not recording them now OTL
Date: January 22nd, 2014
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission. THAT INCLUDES REBLOGGING ON TUMBLR.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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