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December 1, 2010
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Pokemon Gijinka Dump 23 by BlueRoseArkelle Pokemon Gijinka Dump 23 by BlueRoseArkelle
Whoa. People still make gijinkas these days? :iconblankstareplz:



; w; Another gijinka dump... ♥

Pokemon row by row, left to right:
Top row:
Kyogre (male), Mismagius (female), Seviper (female), Snorunt (female)
Bottom row:
Spiritomb (female), Illumise (female), Quilava (male), Finneon (female)

; o; So many females this time!

; w; Err, anyways, here is info about them individually:

Kyogre - ; u; One of my favorite legendaries ever. Closely following Lugia and Groudon. I just love the idea of a giant whale for a legendary, rather than a lame predictable dragon :/ . Anyways.... ; w; If you have ever seen my sketchdumps before, then you might know my Groudon gijinka, Genesis. Well, this is his his brother that I talk about all the time. He is the stronger personality of the two. For his design I really wanted to capture allot of the same essence as Genesis, because they are twins. However, I also wanted to bring in Kyogre's shape especially. Hence the oversized coat. And they eyes were also very important for me to design. I wanted them to retain the same intensity as Kyogre, with similar lines across the face. Why no pupils? xD Because I thought it looked more dramatic without them. And I love adding drama on legendary pokemon gijinkas. FFFF/brick'd
; w; He is definitely one of my new favorite male gijinkas i've designed.

Mismagius - ; o; Mismagius has allways been a pokemon I've never really been so sure about. Untill recently, after I traied on in the game, I never liked it. Now, its one of my favorite ghost pokemon. Mismagius gijinkas are allways insanely predictable, but in this pokemons case, I don't mind that. If it didn't have a ridiculous hat, then it wouldn't me Mismagius, would it? She was requested to be "flat eyed, and unimpressed" which I could totally work with. I got the idea that she is the type who is a master at magic, but sort of hates her powers. She isn't out to impress anyone. I designed her to be the type to not care two-cents about what others think of her. ; w; I actally really like the way she turned out. Another one of my new favorite female gijinkas i've made.

Seviper - ; o; Another pokemon I don't particularly like. I don't care much for un-evolving pokemon, let alone one that looks so ridiculously similar to another snake pokemon. *cough* ARBOK *cough*
Anyways... I don't see allot of gijinkas for it. For me, it was hard to capture the shape of Seviper more than anything. The commissioner wanted her to be "SEXAY AND VOLUPTUOUS" xD lol. So, even though I don't usually care much for over-sexualizing women, I wanted to make her definitely have an adult sort of aura. xD I opted for a belly dancer sort of style, mainly because of the yellow on the chin of Seviper. I thought it would look cool to have that yellow as one of those middle eastern face-covery-thingies. xD lol. From there I just went with the theme. xD Surprisingly, I think she was one of the favorites of the commissioner out of all of the gijinkas I drew for her this time around.

Snorunt - ; u; Snorunt is such an adorable pokemon! I just love it ♥ I see allot of pretty interesting gijinka for it too. I knew I wanted to give her dark skin right off the bat, but the rest was a little hard for me to come up with. I thought it would be too predictable to have a giant blanket covering a shivering character, so Instead I wanted to capture Snorunts winter theme in a more subtle way. I love capes and ponchos allot, so that was sort of inevitable xD. The outfit inspiration sort of came from a native american sort of style.... xD which makes sense I think because Snorunt looks like a tepee xD. The commissioner wanted her to be a standoffish sort of personality, which fit well with what I had in mind. I think its generally assumed that winter and harsh personalities go hand in hand. ; w; I like her allot. But mainly I think because I love Snorunts ♥

Spiritomb - xD I've had this idea for quite some time now. I've been dying to draw a female Spiritomb for a long time. I personally love that most gijinkas of Spiritomb capture its sense of downright insanity xD. Which is exactly what I was aiming for. I had free-reign with this one, so I got to do exactly what I had planned for her. The hair I kept for my previous male Spiritomb, because I really loved how it looked. Other than that, I dunno what I was thinking when I designed her. xD I just went with what I thought looked cool. xD Damn, why are ghost type pokemon so much fun to design?

Illumise/Iliana - ; u; And here we are at the end of my commissions. Starting with Illumise, all of the new gijinkas I'll be drawing for a while are for my own use as OCs, not for others. Anyways, Illumise is such a cuuute pokemon! It kinda sucks in battle, but its just so pretty~ ♥ So this is my Illumise gijinka, Iliana. The basis for her personailty comes from the fact that Illumise attract ALLOT of Volbeat. And she tends to attract allot of men. xD She is flirty and promiscuous. But, becuase I don't like over-sexualizing clothing on women, I opted to give her a surprisingly conservative outfit, consiering her personality. I did this on purpose, manily to support the joke that people who dress like librarians are sex addicts. xDDDD LOL no but really, I thought it would be more interesting if she wasn't a steryotypical flirt, but a surprisingly conservative one. xD haha~

Quilava/ Quin - OH QUIN. Where do I even start with him...? xD He's a bad boy type, who loves his body. He never, ever, wears a shirt. EVER. Just that oversized jacket and pants. Plus, he is a fire type, so I figured he wouldn't need the extra clothes for warmth anyways xD . Anyway, I purposely designed him to look more like a Typhlosion than a Quilava for many reasons. But mainly to add to his sheer badassery. Typhlosions are badass and Quin does his best to look and act badass, despite being only a Quilava, so he purposely looks more like his latter evolution. Another thing I wanted to incorperate from Quilava was the flame on its head, however I did not want to give him a mohawk, because that would have been really lame. So I gave him sexay fire-bangs instead xD lol . Other things about his design have no reference to the pokemon itself, but are important pieces of his character, such as his ring, "Q" belt buckle, and bleached hair.

Finneon/ Farina - ; u; Ahh here we are at Farina again. If you have ever seen my sketchdumps, you should know of my Finneon OC, Farina. She is a direct take on a Finneon I had in-game. It had a Bashful nature, as she has. She has an intense fear of men, because my in-game Finneon was never in party with any males, but her fear has different reasons. Anyways, Finneon/Lumineon are one of my favorite water type pokemon, only following Chinchou/Lanturn. My main focus in her design was to make her look very beautiful, and keep the color blocking the same as it is on the pokemon. Like the pokemon, I wanted her design to start dark-blue at the top, and fade to light blue at the bottom. My main reason for designing her that way is because I didn't want to have to use a giant butterfly-shaped bow on her back as a crutch so people could tell what pokemon it is. This way, she unmistakably looks like a Finneon with only minimal butterfly-wing milkage. :/
; u; She was one of my first OCs, like Quin and Iliana, so it has long been overdue for me to make a color ref of her. xD I seem to unintentionally draw her allot.

; w; Ummm okay, so that is it.
Wow, that is allot of text.
; u; Grats if you read all that!
Not like I expect you to care, but if you want to know more about my OCs, just ask~

o uo Okay.... So yeah. For a long while now I'll be designing my own gijinka OCs instead of designing them for other people. xD I don't have to worry about pleasing other people now, so the designs may be a little weirder than usual. xD

Okay, well I guess that is it~
; u; Hope you like them ♥

Bye now!~ :iconbaibaiplz:

Ultimate pokemon gijinka challenge progress counter:
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XerxesTexasToast Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Student General Artist
I saw Mismagius and immediately thought "Drawcia." Go figure.
Also, that Seviper is gorgeous.
Angel-Kazekage Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
usually Spiritomb creeps me out, but she's cute
morumotto-chi Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
Mismagius reminds me a bit of the Dark Magician. Really good drawings!I love the personalities and expressions you put on their faces!
star--splitter Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011
I comment almost a year after it's been uploaded. Lawl.
I really like your style and I highly dislike the fact that your dump is probably better than any 'real' things I draw. xD
UniMieli Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011  Hobbyist
Many good costumes here ^_^

By the way Finneon is also one of my favorite water type pokemon
Octoboy-the-8th Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011
Wow, these are all really great! I think a lot of these ones are my favourites.

Kyogre boy (no name?) is super cool looking, and much like his brother, he looks especially similar to his pokemon. You did do a great job tying his appearance in to Genesis's, he really does match him a lot, particularly in the same patterns and clawlike sleeve edges. That big, blue coat sure looks cool, and those pupilless, heavily-lined eyes really are epic. I especially think it's cool how the appearance of his shirt/whatever he's got on underneath, between his pants and coat give the look of kyIogre's eye. That's a clever touch. And I agree that a legendary whale/orca is cooler than a legendary dragon (even though there weren't any before rayquaza).

Mismagius looks like a pretty cool magical lady. She has got a lot of purple to her, but so does mismagius, and in much less variety than the gijinka. I like her indifferent expression as she nonchalantly shoots a spark from her finger.

Miss seviper is, in a word, stunning. And I'm not just saying that because I'm male. I'm just blown away by how much of seviper's design you've incorporated into her appearance. From the fang head band, to the head plate chest decoration held by seviper-stripe purple ribbons, to the purple bracelets and black gloves with gold spots like seviper's belly knobs, to the red on the bottom of her feet and on part of her top like on seviper's tail, to the red eye makeup, giving the excuse to give her deadly, reptilian, yellow eyes, all of it is just fantastic and represent the pokemon really well. The fact that you've incorporated all that into an exotic, Middle Eastern-style seductress is just a plus. Her flowing skirt is also just brilliant, and the long, streaming, locks of wavy black hair almost resemble snakes themselves. You sure know how to make black things look good.

I'm liking snorunt girl a lot. Like your glalie, you really did well in giving her the appearance of a "cold" personality. Thing looks pissed. I like all the neat touches like snorunt's orange linings on her clothes, the black knobs that told her cloak together that look like snorunt's hands, and her white collar and tongue of her shoes that look like snorunt's teeth. While I do like her coal black complexion, the red of her cheeks make it a little fake-looking, as if she's covered her face in soot. I've never seen anyone that dark flush from the cold. That aside, I really do like this frosty snorunt gal.

Spiritomb looks awesome with that sharp-toothed troublemaker grin, wild, spiky, ghoulish hair, and crazy, acid-green, spirally eyes. You've certainly captured spiritomb's zany side really well with her.

Now, Iliana, I simply adore. The look of her in that blouse and little dress resemble illumise's look to perfection. That along with the antenna-bow, hair clips, and skirt frills, and sparkles on her that mirror the pokemon's glimmering backside make this gijinka just look like everything I'd ever imagined a human illumise to look like. I totally agree with your perception of the pokemon; kind of formal-looking, appearing to wear a suit, yet absolutely adorable, enough to make me dead-set on obtaining one from laying eyes on it to the point of going on an outright rampage through the pokemon's habitat in hopes of encountering it, a task made more difficult due to its sheer rarity in Sapphire, and then finally acquiring it only to realize it had no attacks to speak of. Shiny the illumise, as she is now called, now serves the very classy role as team cave light. :/
On top of being a perfect representation of the pokemon. Iliana also bears one of my favourite expressions of your gijinkas ever. She just looks so peeved. Ha ha.

And then there's Quin (one N?). He definitely bears the look of a typhlosion wannabe with that blazing collar like typhlosion's crest. His pants even have fringes that are kind of reminiscent of blaziken. He also sports a very baggy velvet jacket and pants, and of course no shirt (he IS a fire type), as well as a fiery-looking set of bangs. Very nice.

Now, Farina just looks like the sweetest thing ever. Those wavy locks of seaweed-blue, shiny hair, her bubblegum-pink eyes, lips, cheeks, shoulders, and spots on her shirt, and that anxious, vulnerable expression really give her the look of an adorable, magical little water sprite. I really like how sparkly her pants are, as well as how her sleeves undulate like the water's ripples. And it's also nice how you managed to incorporate all the butterfly-wing touches in an unobtrusive way. Her pose just really captures her uneasy personality. Though those fins do sort of appear to be part of her body, which you usually don't do with pokemon gijinkas, it kind of fits into Farina's magical appeal, so I don't mind as much.

This is just such a great group of gijnkas. I'm really sorry if any of this came out sloppy, I'd written this big, fancy review, and then my computer decided to pull one of its little hiccups, which deleted the whole thing. Ugh. Well, these are all especially brilliant and praise-worthy this time, I'm really liking these ones.
Sukiyo-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF............................. only two guy pokemon? OUTRAGEOUS! :iconrageplz:
BlueRoseArkelle Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
YES. ONLY TWO. :icondealwithittrollplz:

Even so, i've still drawn more male pokemon gijinka than female overall lol
Sukiyo-Chan Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
RainaRainStorm Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011
this is very creative!actually last night i was drawing some pokemon into anime characters but i didnt know there was an actual name for it lol
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