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December 10, 2012
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Callow Acquiescence by BlueRoseArkelle Callow Acquiescence by BlueRoseArkelle
Callow: Young, inexperienced or immature.
Acquiescence: to accept, comply; tacitly or passively


I am addicted to beautiful and complex words :heart:

xD Lol, the "definitions of words" thing is supposed to be only for artsu that involves my personal project Sleight, but with my addiction to complex words in titles I suppose it is a good idea to define them so I don't seem so cryptic xD as if that is even possible OTL

BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING ELSE. xD Colored with two colored pencils, four pastels, and white paint. xD I wanted to challenge myself to make art using only 10 materials including the pencil, inking pen and paper. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED AND WON. eve
....TvT Uhm, so two reasons for this. One, I just wanted to test out my lovely new Turquoise Copic Multiliner, and two, I've been feeling like indulging in some romantic artsu of my OCs lately.
;w; I mentioned it before but....I don't know, I often talk about my OCs romances but rarely do I ever post things that are legitimately romantic and I don't mean sexual because I do that all the time OTL. Lately, I've just been much more interested in focusing a bit more on my OCs who are romantically involved. xD No idea why. //slapped

>//w//< Err, so anyways my OCs Shu (right) and Calliope (left). I guess I don't really need to say much about them except LOLI/SHOTA Q//v//Q :heart: :heart: :heart:
..wait that wasn't it. //slapped
TvT Uhm, but yeah....
As I've mentioned before, Calliope, Shu, and Etzel are a trio as in YES EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE THINKING. *cough*
But that being said, it doesn't mean that they are with each other as a trio all the time or that every instance of romance is triangular - so to speak. Each one must devote time to each other individually, as well as both.
...xD I'll put the canon story explanation below if you want a better understanding.

;//v//; Uh, but yeah....I just wanted to draw something very soft and romantic~
Interestingly enough, Shu develops romantic feeling for Calliope much easier than he does for Etzel. Being that Shu is pansexual he doesn't care about gender in regards to romance, but some certain things Reysol said to him about "morality" and what is "right" causes him to question his beliefs and his affection for Etzel moreso than for Calliope.

The way it is elaborated canonly:
When each member is so closely connected to their other two, the three can function on a higher level of balance than that of only two. Think of it in terms of a scale. If you have a two-sided scale with equal weight on each side, if one weight is removed the other is thrown off balance. When a relationship focuses on only one, when that relationship is severed for any reason there is no intermediary to mend it. The two sides are separate, and when in anger or confusion it is hard to see things in a different perspective (or rational mind) toward that one person because they are the object of your ill feelings. However, for the Unitrios, their system works in a trio. Imagine a scale with three equal weights. If one should fall, the other two will remain in balance. For the Unitrios, the idea that no one person weighs more on the scale is very important, as is the comfort and security that comes from having more than one "shoulder to cry on" or "hand to hold". This being said, the Unitrios do not believe in one definition or criteria of "love", or specifically how each trio must function. They know that a person can love more than one but each in different ways or for different reasons, therefore although the trio is of course a highly intimate relationship, it does not necessarily mean that each member must show the same form of "love" to one or to both. The trio (in their terms) is, the "ideal", meaning that collectively the trio should satisfy each persons ideal for any aspect of a romantic relationship. So where one person may fall short in ideal, the other takes their place.
Of course, the purpose of the trio is not purely ideological and has other more technical reasonings as well.

;____; Also, I'm working on responding to comments guys, SRS.

Oh, coloring video for this will be up...eventually. OTL

//flys away

Calliope and Shu belong to me and is part of my personal story, "Unitrios"
Media: 2 Prismacolor Verithin Pencils, 4 chalk pastels, 1 white paint, 1 0.3 B Mechanical pencil, 1 Copic Turquoise Multiliner 0.03, 1 paper. xD lol
Time taken: About 12 hours OTL
Date: December 10th, 2012
Character, art, concepts, etc belong to me, *BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission.
(eve fanart is always welcome however)
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