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klgaslghkf by Kawiku


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>w< Oh hey! My name is Arkelle.
:heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you so much for visiting my page! :heart: :heart: :heart:

However, as my art isn't really for everyone, I would just like to explain some questions you may have or things that may concern some people beforehand.

- I enjoy using highly saturated or pastel colors and high contrast. I'm aware some people may consider it "retina burning" and unrealistic, and that is often times what i'm aiming for.
- My art style is in the realm of anime, and I like it that way. If I wanted to draw everything realistic I would draw realism and not anime.
- Generally speaking, I prefer to draw humans rather androgynous. This seems to upset a lot of people. If you are one of those people then kindly read the bolded segment at the bottom of this page.
- I like to draw things of obscure, obscene, or socially atypical subject matter to broaden my own and hopefully other people's perspectives.
- Please understand that my art used to tell a story, often from a specific person's point of view. What I write or draw in the context of fiction is not meant to reflect me or my personal opinions.
- I prefer to tell stories in a blunt, unguarded, highly emotional, and often a very graphic way, so my art may be a bit intense for you, which is understandable.
- I typically draw things pertaining to my own original stories and characters. I do not do fanart very often and I have no intention of changing that.
- I typically like to focus on characters whom (compared to modern day real life) would be a minority; those who may not look, act, think, or experience things in the same way as most people do currently in real life.
- I do not draw to be the best, to be the most popular, or the most original. I draw to learn, to experiment, to broaden my perspectives, to tell a story, to show beauty in things people might consider grotesque, and because art is the one thing in life I can honestly say I love.

If you do not like my art or the subject matter that it may pertain to, I completely understand. It isn't for everyone and I respect your opinion, but thank you very much for your time!
T///u///T And thank you to everyone who does honestly enjoy my art and stories and thank you so much for all the lovely kind words of praise and encouragement you all give to me.


I don't want to have to explain this anymore, so read this:
I love androgyny, and prefer to draw people that way. I like the idea of people being PEOPLE and not so severely separated by the roles or stereotypes in which we place upon gender. If you haven't noticed, I draw everyone "pretty" not just boys.
Saying that "boys aren't that pretty" is stupid when it comes to anime because if you haven't noticed, real girls do not look like anime girls either. Its not a realistic art style, and I think people have the right to interpret things in whatever way they want.
I personally prefer a more ambiguous interpretation of gender. To me, gender is just a thing. It doesn't define people exclusively, and honestly the way most people interpret it is just silly. Girls can be tough, boys can be weak. Girls can be "ugly" and boys can be "pretty". And if you think someone is less of a person (or that it somehow makes them not part of their own gender) for that then you are an idiot. If that offends you, leave. I'm not interested in hearing your stereotypical definitions of gender, and how men need to be buff and strong and women need to be in the kitchen. If that is what you think, again, you are an idiot.



C|M Logo Design by BlueRoseArkelle
C|M Logo Design
*click it for full view!*
...xD its the logo for my doll repainting/BJD faceup shop called C|M haha.
I thought, well, its art and I drew it so might at well post it here haha //shot
In case its not blatantly obvious, its inspired by Snow White.... xD
Since its a logo, I wanted to make it crisp, clean and simple while still being...well just the sort of crazy nonsense you would expect me to make xDDD //doubleshot

eue Feel free to guess what the C and M stand for if you would like. I don't think anyone will get it right. Oh ho ho~

FLICKR (For BJD/Doll related stuff):…
Art belongs to me.
Media: Phyre Fire Alpaca, Photoshop
Time taken form start to finish: ;-; Too long.
Date: July 16, 2015
Art/designs/story/concepts ect. belongs to me BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission. THAT INCLUDES REBLOGGING ON TUMBLR.
May - Flourish by BlueRoseArkelle
May - Flourish
;//A//; Sorry i'm a little late with this one. I did mean to post it in June as I'm posting the previous month's series drawing in the month following, but i'm a few days late on this one and its July now OTL

My OC, Minerva. She is a young woman.

Ugggghhhh this drawing gave me so much trouble. Well, not so much the drawing or the coloring itself as that went great, it was the scanning that gave me so much trouble. For some reason my scanner just would not interpret the colors of this drawing correctly and kept washing them all out. I tried scanning it a dozen times and tried fiddling with the settings as much as I could and none of it helped. I don't know why but its like my new scanner can't keep the vibrancy of pink for some reason. In the scan, all of the bright pink areas were super washed out and nothing like the original drawing. If you want to see what I mean, here is a picture of the two side by side. The one on the left is a still from the coloring video and the colors are very true to life. On the right is what my scanner did to it and it's so washed out and looks nothing like it does in real life.
So in the end I was forced to edit the colors extremely to get them to look like they do in the IRL version. It took forever, but luckily I was able to get them to look pretty close, so i'm happy about that anyways c:
Unfortunately a lot of the brown colors in her hair were kind of lost in the process and now it definitely looks mostly pink, but that's alright I guess. At least it looks more like the actual drawing then whatever that abomination of a scan does OTL

T//u//T Anyways, so yeah, standard transition time! For those of you who may not know, i'm doing a monthly drawing series of my OCs with flower themes. If you want to know the symbolism and story behind this drawing then feel free to read on, but if not that is fine but before you go, thank you so much for your favorite, comments and just for looking! I really really appreciate it!~ <3

//Start convoluted story/symbolism blah

 For the month of May there was really no other choice for me besides Minerva as she, more than any of my other characters, has the biggest connection with flowers, and (in the USA) May is unquestionably known as the month of flowers. There is a saying here that "April showers brings May flowers" meaning that in April it tends to rain a lot and because of that there is an abundance of flowers and greenery when it finally stops raining in May. May is also a month that many people tend to be quite fond of whether it be for its mellow spring temperature, its abundance of flora, or because it usually the last month of school before summer break. Whatever the reason, May is a very widely appreciated month here. In addition, because flowers are generally associated with that of women, and nature itself often is described as being a female entity, it carries the most strongly feminine aura of all of the months.
Minerva was always the character I wanted to draw for the month of May for that reason. I know that i've explained what little of her character there was before, but for those of who who don't know or don't remember i'll reiterate it a bit.

 Minerva is one of the characters that I imagined in my literal dreams, as in, while I was asleep. Unlike some of my dreams and dream characters, I did not remember much or her at all as the first time I technically dreamed her  another character was the focus of the dream. Then strangely enough, I had a dream abot the same girl again, only this time she was the focus, but it was all still rather vague. There was only two things that I remembered from that dream; what she looked like and what she was doing. The image of a young woman with ridiculously long pigtail braids wearing an old-fashioned dress spinning and dancing in a similar fashion to that of a slower Flamenco. For whatever reason, as she danced flowers would shower from and bloom beneath her dress, restoring even the most desolate of land into a beautifully flourished field of flowers. Why or how she could do that was a mystery to me at the time, but nevertheless the image stuck with me so strongly even after waking up. Her character and story has evolved more since then with me having had even more continuing dreams of these two characters, but nevertheless that image of Minerva spinning and dancing as flowers fell to the ground beneath her dress is the imagine I always immediately replay in my head when thinking of Minerva and she still maintains just as much captivating mystery to me now as she did then. 

  So yes. I've actually drawn a similar picture of her with that iconic imagine in mind before which Is called "Recrudescence" so if you've seen that drawing then this one will probably be pretty familiar to you. When choosing which flowers I wanted to draw for this month with Minerva I actually intentionally chose some of the same ones as that drawing for a little bit of an easter egg xD! Pansies and Mallow are two flowers that I used in that drawing that I also included here. In addition to those I've also included some different flowers which are Heather, Dandelion, and Briar Rose. xD I don't really know how to expain this without sounding kind of silly, but I wanted to choose flowers that I felt were very..."American"...? xD Ahaha that sounds dumb, I know, but I wanted most of the flowers to remind me of ones that I would see in springtime in the US. Flowers that are quite common here or ones that are commonly known. Nothing that felt too tropical or foreign in look to that of common US flowers if that makes sense. Mallow and Heather are ones that are a little suspect in that regard, but I included them of other reasons. In Floriography, darker varieties of Heather mean and unobtainable or distant beauty, or a love of something/someone that is unlikely, one that is captivating and mysterious in nature, so that one was chosen mainly for its meaning in relation to Minerva. Somewhat similar to Heather, Mallow is often synonymous with strong ardent love. Dandelions, commonly known as being a weed more than a flower, carry a similar less pure meaning. They are known as the flower of "impure thoughts" or more accurately used in the act of flirtation and sexual advance. Given as a gift they essentially symbolize a person trying to take advantage of and seduce another, less intelligent and very naive person, with a gift of a "flower" the other person being too naive to realize that a Dandelion is a weed and carries with it no pure intention. xD The reason why I included that one in this drawing is purely because of the sexual interpretation a person could have for Minerva or the drawing itself seeing her lift up her skirt. Its of course not meant to be sexual in any way, but of course people may see it that way (what with flowers being compared to female genitalia and all) so I thought i'd be a little sneaky sneak and add that one it there haha xD

 Anyway, Pansy is representative of thoughts, usually of a complex nature. They often reflect someone who is lost in their own mind and perplexed by something profound or extraordinary. Briar Rose, or Sweetbrier i've included for a bit of a different reason albeit kind of a silly one. xD "Briar Rose" is most well known for being the name the Princess assumes to hide and protect her until her 16th birthday in the Grimm variant or the Disney movie varient, Sleeping Beauty. Its my favorite Disney movie and one of my favorite movies of all time. (xD Though yes, I do know the prior "actual" Basile story both are based off and how, you know, the prince [king] rapes her while she sleeps, she gives birth to twins and is only awoken because one of them sucks the splinter from her finger, the prince [king] comes back to find her awoken with children and after telling her what happened the whole, you know, RAPE THING is completely glanced over and they fall in love anyways?!) I'm sure i've mentioned this before but the reason that I like it is not so much the story (speaking of the Disney version anyways) as its very simple and yes, kind of boring, its that i've always had to sleep significantly longer than the average person and I have extremely vivid and often very terrifying dreams. Its something that has been a blessing and a curse to me for my whole life, on the one hand my dreams have greatly inspired my art and storytelling through the years, but on the other it has caused me much pain and agony and even when I am awake I always feel sleepy with ever the mixture of excitement and fear whenever I close my eyes in sleep. So the reason why I love Sleeping Beauty so much is that in a way, I can relate to a girl who's life is robbed by sleep, as mine is also. Anyways, because Minerva is a character that was from my dreams, I thought including the Briar Rose flower would be a fun little tie-in to her original creation in sleep. xD Hopefully that makes sense~

 c: So yeah, I still wanted to go with that iconic image of Minerva with the flowers under her dress, but do it a bit differently than the other picture. c: I also drew her hair down and out of her signature giant pigtails for this one as I felt it added to the flow and gave more of a softer feminine feel. I also decided to have a pink be the primary color focus in the drawing as because May is a very feminine month I wanted to choose softer colors people often associate with femininity. Of course, that was really hard to force myself to do because I haaaaaaaaaate the idea that colors are "gender specific" because that is the most ludicrous idiocy i've ever heard in my life. Buuuuut I let it slide just in this once case to better convey the feeling I wanted. D:< Just because I hate pink being used as a "girl color" and think defining colors as gender specific is idiotic it doesn't change the fact that people still either consciously or subconsciously interpret them that way whether they agree with it or not.

//End convoluted story/symbolism blah

TwT Anyways yeah~
;A; I'm pretty sad that this drawing had all the scanning issues because I really really like the irl picture. I do still like it now that i've fixed it but it still leaves me feeling a bit bittersweet because its just not quite the same. :c
I hope that you guys like it though! ;u;

^u^ And of course, i'll have the coloring process video up on my Youtube channel in a few days, so keep and eye out for that too! <3


Minerva belongs to me.
Media: Prismacolor Premiere/Verithin colored pencils, 0.3 B Mechanical pencil, Copic markers, chalk pastels
Time taken form start to finish: About 15 hours
Date: July 2nd, 2015
Art/designs/story/concepts ect. belongs to me BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission. THAT INCLUDES REBLOGGING ON TUMBLR.
Favorite Pokemon of Every Type Meme by BlueRoseArkelle
Favorite Pokemon of Every Type Meme
x3 Just a little something fun that i've been doodling as a stress relief for the last few days~ TAT Truth be told i'm juggling so many things at the moment I haven't had much time to draw much aside from doodles and my monthly series OTL. But I am still very much alive! I know this isn't much, but I had fun with it so I wanted to post it here anyways c:
xD Also this meme is suuuuper old at this point, but i've always wanted to do it haha~

*U* So yeah, my favorite Pokemon of each type! Some where a lot easier to decide on than others, especially when dual types are taken into consideration.
My drawings kind of covered up some of the types so i'll write them and the Pokemon's name in case you don't know or can't tell~
In order by row from top to bottom, left to right:

BUG - Scolipede, DARK - Sableye, DRAGON - Altaria
ELECTRIC - Galvantula, FAIRY - Klefki, FIGHTING - Mienshao
FIRE - Chandelure, FLYING - Gligar, GHOST - Banette
GRASS - Cacturne, GROUND - Steelix, ICE - Cloyster
NORMAL - Porygon-Z, POISON - Vileplume, PSYCHIC - Hoopa
ROCK - Lunatone, STEEL - Bronzong, WATER - Starmie

x3 Some of you probably already know that my all time favorite Pokemon is Banette and some of my other favorites from other drawings i've made, but there are probably a few surprises in there too. Its usually pretty hard for me to decide on just one favorite in any category because I'm just not a...well "favorite" type of person, and for some of these there were one or two other Pokemon that were reaaaaally close to getting chosen but I settled on these ones after much deliberation and thought. xD The hardest ones were Bug, Grass, Normal, and Fire since they aren't really my favorite types but I like a lot of Pokemon from them but it was harder to pick one that stood out the most as my favorite. Others like Ghost, Psychic, Flying and Dragon required zero thought because they are definitely my favorites in their types. But I think if I had to make a "second place" for each type it would be this-
Masquerain, Umbreon, Dragalge
Raikou, Dedenne, Hitmontop
Arcanine, Drifloon, Doublade
Serperior, Sandslash, Glalie
Furfrou, Drapion, Chimecho
Archeops, Metagross, Phione

x3 Anyways, yeah, that is about it! Just some fun little Pokemon doodles! I originally way going to color them more elaborately, but after drawing a lot of them in such animated poses I thought it would be more fitting to go with a simpler and more colorful cartoony coloring style. I rarely ever do coloring in such a simple way, but its fun to try new things and I'm starting to gain more of an appreciation for minimalism when it comes to coloring in my own art. xD Of course, I still love me some insane details and heavy contrast, but I need to remind myself that its perfectly okay for me to draw something silly and be content with not coloring it like a college art final all the time haha xDD

....xD Also after all these years I think I am finally able to draw Pokemon somewhat passably. Woo!

Original here: Pokemon Type Meme by aquamizuko

Pokemon belongs to Game Freak/ Nintendo.
Media: Fire Alpaca, Photoshop
Time taken form start to finish: About 5 hours
Date: February 28th, 2015
Art belongs to me BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission. THAT INCLUDES REBLOGGING ON TUMBLR.
April - Deluge by BlueRoseArkelle
April - Deluge
T///A///T Ack, I finished editing the drawing and video on time but I totally forgot to write the story/symbolism textwall to accompany it asdfghjkl-
I've been awake for way too long today as it is so I'll edit it in tomorrow~ ....I don't think many people actually read them anyways ... OTL
^w^ But here is just the drawing for now anyways~ You can also watch the coloring video for it right away if you want. I hope you guys like them! <3

My OC, Wishmaker. They are genderless but use a female pronoun.

Wishmaker belongs to me.
Media: Prismacolor Premiere/Verithin colored pencils, 0.3 B mechanical pencil, 0.03 Copic Multiliner in Sepia, chalk pastels
Time taken form start to finish: About 20 hours
Date: May 22nd, 2015
Art/designs/story/concepts ect. belongs to me BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission. THAT INCLUDES REBLOGGING ON TUMBLR.
What is your favorite Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki movie and why?
37 deviants said + 1 to comment section
>W< EEEEE Hi guys!!~ Ahh, it seems like so long since I last did a happy update journal and....xD well it has been. //shot
TvT I've been meaning to make an update journal for a little while now, but I figured it would be best to do one around the beginning of the new year. *U* Speaking of the new year, YAAAY Happy 2015 everyone!! I hope you guys are as happy as I am to see 2014 go away. It certainly holds a spot for one of the worst years in my life OTL
^U^ I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season though! @ U @ Ohhh and i'd love to know what you guys got for Christmas this year, if you celebrate it that is~ *//U//* My best childhood friend came to visit for the holidays as he is in the Navy, and ASDFGHJKL HE GOT ME A NEW WII U!! @//A//@ Like, a brand new one! With special controllers too! And a bunch of games like Super Mario 3D World, Hyrule Warriors, Pikmin 3, and Windwaker HD!! @ A @ AHHH seriously he is way too nice, I can't believe that he got me all that!! I haven't had a ton of time to really play everything yet as i've been drawing and working on art stuff like crazy since Christmas, but asdfgh what I have played so far I love!! >W< I can't wait to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess sometime too as I've never gotten the chance to play it before. xD And now I can play Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World and Rune Factory Frontier again after all these years. My original Wii broke like, 6 months after I got it years ago and I had never gotten a new one. ^//W//^ So yeah, i'm so super happy to have my lovely new Wii U to play not only newer games but also ones that i've missed or missed out on. >W< Best present ever!!~ <333
@ V @ Do let me know what you guys got as presents in the comments below!

TuT Haha, anyways, onto the actual updates. Its been a while and you guys know that I write textbooks so it'll be... kind of long. But I would very much appreciate reading it if you have the time <3

I'm sure most of you guys already know why I was gone for most of last year so I don't think I need to explain it again in detail, but I did just want to give a little bit of a explanation for those of you who might be new followers or who were out of the loop, and because Its very important to me to be honest with all of the lovely friends i've made and keep them informed when I do have big thing happen in my life that may subsequently effect them. If you already know about this, feel free to skip this part.
Anyway after I graduated High School in 2011 I almost immediately went to College for art, specifically for Video Game Art and Design. Idealistically, I loved the concept of being able to create video game sand art for them someday, which has always been a huge dream of mine. Unfortunately I was heavily pressured into going to college before I felt that I was ready and while I do greatly value the time I spent pursuing that and the knowledge I gained from it, if I had to make the same choice over again I would 100% not do it the same way. To be honest, rarely do I regret or resent things that happen in my life but going to college at that time is the one thing that I regret and resent my family for most in my life thus far. In 2013, two years of college later, I came to the realization that doing art for others of things that didn't inspire me was heavily draining my creativity and my desire to draw at all. When I realized that, despite the fact that I was "giving up" those two years I had invested, I knew that that I had to stop going to college for art lest I drain myself of my one true passion forever. To this day, I absolutely without a doubt believe that was the best decision even if others may not agree. Despite my love for video games and the prospect of being able to work on them as a career, I had to be honest with myself with the fact that drawing what other people want doesn't interest me in the slightest and despite being an amazing career it would end up bringing me no joy. In 2014, I felt relieved that I had come to that realization, however after the fact I also realized that I had no other direction in my life and I felt very lost. In addition to that, my creativity had been so drained from the years prior in college that for the first time in my life since discovering my love of art I didn't have the motivation to draw anymore. Drawing anything was such a struggle and often when I did force myself draw  I felt overwhelmed with the feelings of sadness and shame thinking of my "failure" in becoming a professional artist. Even though I knew I would be disappointing a lot of my lovely friends around the internet, I had to make the conscious decision to take time away from the art world to regain my focus and recharge myself creatively. In most of 2014 I was away for this reason. There was  definitely some huge lows in the last year for me, but as time progressed I began to feel a lot better and started to get my creativity back in part due to focusing on different creative outlets aside from drawing. In these last few months i've began to feel a million percent better and I'm starting to feel like my old self again. I still am not sure where my life will take me in the more distant future, but in this new year I've been given the rare opportunity to refocus myself to what I truly love and pursue my art as I see fit; on my own terms. Over the years i've built such a wonderful community and met so many amazing people whom i've had the honor of inspiring and influencing through my art and it hurt me tremendously to abandon you all for that time.

Again, i'm sure some of you already know about my plans to exclusively focus on my art this year, but since its finally 2015 now I want to explain it even better.
Some might call you "fans", but to me, all of you who admire me and my art, who encourage me, who genuinely love what I create, who continue to give me time and attention even when I don't know the right words to say thank you - you all aren't just "fans", you are all my friends. I've built this amazing community of friends on integrity and passion; on the things that I love and that I feel are important to share. Nothing makes me happier in the world then drawing things that I love and that inspire me, and I genuinely feel that even if its only in a small way, i've been able to spread my love and happiness to others and make their lives even the tiniest bit better. Sure, some of the things that I draw can seem gruesome and made with ill-intent upon casual glance, but underneath it all there is always a moral, a lesson to be learned, a story to be told, a perspective to be seen, or at the very core a person with looks or feelings we can relate to; whom we can see on a human level. I know it may seem pretentious to put such deep meanings on silly anime drawings, but know what everything I draw is with intention, even if it may not seem like it at first glance. A lot of people see my sincerity, and the amount of people who message me to tell me how much they love my art and how i've made them happier, included, or inspired by my aesthetic or message is countless. Its the most amazing and humbling feeling in the world, and to all of you i'm so incredibly grateful. Art is a truly amazing and powerful thing, it has the ability to inspire, influence, and motivate people like nothing else. I say it all the time, but there is truly no other power in the world that is stronger than the ability to inspire and influence people to do something of their own choice. Even if its only on a very small and insignificant scale in the scheme of things, I could use that power to spread bitterness and hate like so many people do, but there is enough of that in the world and I would rather spread acceptance, understanding, mercy, and happiness; the things the world truly needs.

I know i'm not the best or most popular artist ever and realistically it may be foolish to think that I can build a career on just my own art alone. But even so, over this last year i've truly realized what that you all mean to me and how happy I truly am when I'm drawing, writing stories and characters, making videos, livestreaming, and helping other artists in any way I can. When I made a Devianart and Youtube account I never EVER imagined how many people would come to love my art and characters. Just how many people care about anything I do or say. But every day, even while I was away, more and more people have become part of my once small group of friends, and I want to show how incredibly grateful I am to all you for that.
Like I've said before, I can't say how realistic of an option it will be in my life forever. I don't know if I will be able to keep making art and Youtube videos for you all forever, but I realize that I have a wonderful community that continues to grow each day and even if it may be unrealistic or foolish, I want to try my best to nurture that and see how it grows. Its a long-off dream right now, but even the smallest bit of hope that maybe in the future i'll be able to make a career of my own art on my own terms is just something that I don't want t miss the opportunity for. So, in 2015 I'm going to really be focusing my art, trying my best to grow my community and make even better art and videos for you all! :heart:

^u^ Lately i've been livestreaming again, this time on Youtube so that it is more easily assessable to the majority of people. In the streams I've been working on lots of chibi drawings of my characters for the purpose of having proper references. I've mentioned it before, but i'm working on making a proper website for my characters so that there is a neat, formal and easily accessible way for you all to see and read a bit about all of my characters. Or course, most of what will be there are things that i've said about them previously/ more general information as to prevent a plethora of spoilers (or leeching thieves from copying their stories) for the future, but you know. For the newer watchers or less-familiar people it will be a place where you can read a bit about them a bit if you are curious. A lot of people ask me about my characters and their stories etc. and a lot of what they ask are things i've already explained before. Unfortunately i've never really had a proper place to write down all of that sort of stuff and previously I've just explained things in the descriptions of my art or in livestreams which I'm aware probably makes it really hard for people to follow. ^u^ So yeah, it will be like a mini Arkelle's characters Wiki xD I will still of course write stuff in the descriptions of my art as I reveal more things about their characters, but I will also update the newly revealed information on the website so even if you missed it on a drawing you'll still know! Because of the site, and having a lack of proper references for my characters (OTL) i'd like to draw lots of references (chibi and normal) for my OCs over this year, so i'm sure that there will be a lot of livestreams/videos because of that xD
^U^ I'm also going to be doing a monthly series of drawings for the first time this year! I'm sure you guys all know how much I love drawing my OCs with flowers, so I've decided to do a traditional media symbolic drawing using floriography each month focusing on a different character of mine. >//w//< For those of you who read this journal, you'll be the first to know that this month is going to be of my OC, Shu!~ :heart:
TuT There are other things i'm thinking of doing, but i'm still working them out. I'm getting realllllllllly close to 10k subscribers on Youtube now and AHHHH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!?!? @ A @ I'd like to do something special for the milestone, but ack, i'm not sure what I want to do at all and i've been thinking about it forever! OTL

Also on a side note, for those of you who may not know, aside from drawing there is another creative outlet that i've become head over heels in love with over the last two years, and that is asian ball-jointed dolls. I've talked about them in the past and even shared a few pictures of them here, but i've since removed them as i'd like my Deviantart to focus soley on my drawings. ^u^ I do have a Flickr account now though, so if you also collect BJDs or would ever like to see mine I post pictures of them there. I'm really not a good photographer, but its been fun to learn and practice, and just to share more things in my life that are creative and I love! ^u^ I also make miniature flower crowns in doll scale that i'm planning to start selling this year, as well as trying out doing faceups commissions on BJDs and Azone dolls for other people as its something I really enjoy doing and would like to become even better at it~ I know a few people have asked me about that here, so just letting you know in case you've ever wanted me to custom paint a doll for you before, or you might like that in the future~ I still have no intention of doing drawing commission anytime in the future, but since faceups I have less emotional investment into than drawing they aren't nearly as taxing to my creativity to do for other people. Anyway, here's that linku desu xD :…

^W^ So yeah, anyways, i'm feeling sooooo much better and happier these days. I'm really sorry again that I had to take so much time away from you all, but I really did need the break and thank you all so very much for sticking with me during that time and being so understanding. I'm doing lots of creative stuff again these days and I couldn't be happier! ^//w//^ I'm so happy to be drawing and posting again for you all, and I hope that I can create lots of art and videos in this year that you will all enjoy! :heart:

...xD Oh, and also just wanted to mention that I post WIPS and doodles on my Twitter all the time as well as updates and livestream notices, so...ack I don't really want to sound like some king of salesman but if want to know all that stuff, Twitter is a great place to keep in touch with me!
e w e And make sure to tweet me #praisethemaize or anything corn related for no reason at all whenever you want. xD I'll greatly appreciate it haha <3333

Thank you all to much for reading all this if you did and really, thank you for being the best friends a person could have. ;//u//;
:iconletmehugyouplz: :iconletmehugyouplz: :iconletmehugyouplz:
:iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconbrohugplz:
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