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@//A//@ I'm sooo not worthy, but thank you all so much for all the lovely fanart!!~

Lovely Fan Stamps people have made for me T//u///T
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;w; My Pokemon babies <3

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Arkelle, I always look at your art when I'm feeling uninspired, because it gives all my motivation to draw back! :)
Sat Apr 11, 2015, 4:35 PM
*comes in chat like a hippy smoking a joint*
Mon Sep 1, 2014, 9:33 PM
Loving your webcam picture.
Sat Aug 23, 2014, 3:21 PM
Hai you are my very first inspiration and got me through rough times with your beautiful art >W<
Fri Jul 25, 2014, 11:41 PM
;//A//; T-thank you...!
Fri May 2, 2014, 7:06 PM
i love your art
Wed Apr 30, 2014, 7:56 AM
lol Awwwwww your hubby was waiting for you ;w;
Sat Apr 26, 2014, 8:37 PM
xD Lolol well I usually leave a tab of DA open all the time, but it doesn't mean i'm actually active on it at that moment tho. So yeah xDDD
Sat Apr 26, 2014, 4:05 AM
I totally meant to use the wrong form of your, by the way.
Fri Apr 25, 2014, 11:12 PM
so apparently dA has this nifty stalker tool that tells when you're friends are online and it says waifu is online euehehehehehe hai dere >w<
Fri Apr 25, 2014, 11:10 PM


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>w< Oh hey! My name is Arkelle.
:heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you so much for visiting my page! :heart: :heart: :heart:

However, as my art isn't really for everyone, I would just like to explain some questions you may have or things that may concern some people beforehand.

- I enjoy using highly saturated or pastel colors and high contrast. I'm aware some people may consider it "retina burning" and unrealistic, and that is often times what i'm aiming for.
- My art style is in the realm of anime, and I like it that way. If I wanted to draw everything realistic I would draw realism and not anime.
- Generally speaking, I prefer to draw humans rather androgynous. This seems to upset a lot of people. If you are one of those people then kindly read the bolded segment at the bottom of this page.
- I like to draw things of obscure, obscene, or socially atypical subject matter to broaden my own and hopefully other people's perspectives.
- Please understand that my art used to tell a story, often from a specific person's point of view. What I write or draw in the context of fiction is not meant to reflect me or my personal opinions.
- I prefer to tell stories in a blunt, unguarded, highly emotional, and often a very graphic way, so my art may be a bit intense for you, which is understandable.
- I typically draw things pertaining to my own original stories and characters. I do not do fanart very often and I have no intention of changing that.
- I typically like to focus on characters whom (compared to modern day real life) would be a minority; those who may not look, act, think, or experience things in the same way as most people do currently in real life.
- I do not draw to be the best, to be the most popular, or the most original. I draw to learn, to experiment, to broaden my perspectives, to tell a story, to show beauty in things people might consider grotesque, and because art is the one thing in life I can honestly say I love.

If you do not like my art or the subject matter that it may pertain to, I completely understand. It isn't for everyone and I respect your opinion, but thank you very much for your time!
T///u///T And thank you to everyone who does honestly enjoy my art and stories and thank you so much for all the lovely kind words of praise and encouragement you all give to me.


I don't want to have to explain this anymore, so read this:
I love androgyny, and prefer to draw people that way. I like the idea of people being PEOPLE and not so severely separated by the roles or stereotypes in which we place upon gender. If you haven't noticed, I draw everyone "pretty" not just boys.
Saying that "boys aren't that pretty" is stupid when it comes to anime because if you haven't noticed, real girls do not look like anime girls either. Its not a realistic art style, and I think people have the right to interpret things in whatever way they want.
I personally prefer a more ambiguous interpretation of gender. To me, gender is just a thing. It doesn't define people exclusively, and honestly the way most people interpret it is just silly. Girls can be tough, boys can be weak. Girls can be "ugly" and boys can be "pretty". And if you think someone is less of a person (or that it somehow makes them not part of their own gender) for that then you are an idiot. If that offends you, leave. I'm not interested in hearing your stereotypical definitions of gender, and how men need to be buff and strong and women need to be in the kitchen. If that is what you think, again, you are an idiot.



February - Dewdrops by BlueRoseArkelle
February - Dewdrops
>A< Ahhh I am super late with getting this up, but I wanted to make sure that I got it up before midnight (my time anyways)!

My OC, Calliope. She is a young girl.

 I did so plan to finish this much sooner but....*sigh* you know when you have... those drawings? You know, the ones that you draw over and over again because they just aren't turning out right? Yeah, this was one of those drawings for me. I seriously redrew this concept dozens of times and even got part-way through coloring another version with pencils before I decided I hated that one with a passion so I started over again. OTL
It didn't help that I was super stressed over the last few weeks, and working on this while in a rather anxious and somewhat angry state just isn't very conducive to drawing, at least not for me. I end up redrawing the same thing a million times (well, I always do that but in this case it makes me more upset when I do it) and can't decide on anything. xD On a positive side though, I'm actually a "reverse venter" when it comes to art. Usually the way it works out is that the more upset, sad, or anxious I am the happier, lighter, and more serene my drawings tend to be. And even weirder, the happier I am the darker, more heinous my drawings tend to be. xD I guess its compensation, you know? Like I wouldn't want to draw things that are dark and depressing when i'm not feeling great because in turn it can make you feel even worse. So really, I guess it was a good thing that I was a rather upset these last few weeks as I think it helped me to finally capture the calm and serene sort of vibe I wanted in this drawing....even if I still hate it with every fiber of my being. OTL
I don't hate this drawing because I feel its particularly bad or anything (though there are things that I would have preferred to  do differently because I don't like them, but....traditional art OTL), Its just one of those things artist feel when you spend so long drawing the same thing over and over to no avail and stare at the same drawing for hours upon hours you just start to despise it more and more....if that makes sense. And also I guess another big part in that is the fact that I wanted to have a softer, romantic, "vintage" sort of coloring and MY GAWD DO I SUCK AT THAT. IF I CAN'T BURN MY OWN RETINAS WITH RIDICULOUS CONTRAST I'M LOST, DAMMIT. *cough*
>~> Ack, anyways, i'm rambling about negativity, i'll stop that now. I try not to talk to much anymore about how I feel in regards to my own art because...people get really mad at me when I do. T//___//T Yes, i'm aware it comes across as face-punchingly annoying when someone who has decent drawing skills complains about how much they think their own art sucks. I know.

T//u//T Anyways, standard transition time! For those of you who may not know, i'm doing a monthly drawing series of my OCs with flower themes. If you want to know the symbolism and story behind this drawing then feel free to read on, but if not that is fine but before you go, thank you so much for your favorite, comments and just for looking! I really really appreciate it!~ <3

//Start convoluted story/symbolism blah

For February, I chose my OC, Calliope. xD I'll be honest in that the main reason why I wanted to have her be the focus of this month originally was entirely because I picked Shu for last month and I thought it would be cute to have my little illusionary trio all together in a row to welcome the new year (^u~ So yessu, that means Etzel will be the focus for new month, oh ho ho)! I know, I know, you can feel free to throw your bricks at me now because I completely agree that is an entirely stupid reason. In my defence though, I wanted to have her be the focus for one of the twelve months but didn't know which to choose, so since I always intended Shu to be January and Etzel to be either March or April, I thought having her be February would work out perfectly to make a cute little string of adorabu x3 //shot
But after deciding on February for her, I got to thinking about it and she actually really fit the vision I have of the month perfectly! When I think of February, I think of calmness and serenity. January is the first month of the year and as such there are lots of celebrations and expectations, resolutions and promises. But as January comes to pass and the hype of the new year begins to fade, we start to get back into a sense of calmness again that we don't usually have with all the special occasions and drama that November, December, and January have. February is still a cold month (at least in the US) often with rain and snow, but every now and then it shows soft glimmers of the upcoming spring. In some areas you can find beautiful blankets of snow that shimmer in the soft light like glitter, somehow looking warmer then the snow from months before it. In other places, at dawn you can see beautiful pale pink and warm grey skies, light rainshowers or soft mists leaving dozens of tiny dewdrops on every blade of grass. February is so reflective of Calliope in that way; in its calming and soft beauty.

TwT Ehhh... I'm sure some of you already know a fair bit about Calliope and my unicorn characters, but for those of you who don't here's a bit of relevant backstory that will make the next bit of what I have next to say make sense:
Calliope, as i've mentioned before, her life's-blood element is that of Vapor; mist, steam, fog and so-on. Its what she has control of and what also gives her life. Canonically, her power over vapor is extremely coveted by those of her own species, the Unitrios, as with it she has the ability to conceal; to hide things in dense mists and fogs so that they can be safe from harm. Her species is one that throughout history is constantly preyed upon by that of other species for a seemingly never ending list of reasons from their unimaginable beauty, to their longevity, their powers, their precious gemstones, etc. Even though they can poses insurmountable power and can potentially live forever, their existence is also extremely fragile in that their weaknesses are exploitable by nearly anyone, even extremely common and weak species by comparison; by humans. Because of their fragility and being highly coveted by others, the best way they know how to keep safe is to stay hidden in areas and obstacles that humans and other preying species find untraversable. Calliope is invaluable to that of her community of Unitrios as she creates a dense blanket of fog throughout the thick winding forests that surround her home making so that anyone who unknowingly wanders into them become lost forever. Canonically she spends the majority of each day atop a mountain peak that overlooks their community in an almost sleep-like trance as she focuses all her energy into creating a fog thick and large enough to protect the forest and community below. As she is rather "young" (or more accurately, not fully mature) by Unitrios standards, there is a limit to the amount of power that she can realistically contain within herself. To put it most simply, the length of a Unitrios horn measures how much power and energy they are able to use and gauges physical maturity as well as "age". The smaller their horn the less mature and overall energy they contain meaning that for Calliope requires a ton of focus and effort and is incredibly exhausting to maintain the fog everyday. Ordinarily she would not be able to do it at all, but she developed a way by essentially putting herself in a sort of temporary "coma", or a state of complete serenity where she is virtually unaware of the world around her an is able to most purely refine what little energy she does have and use it to its absolute fullest.

xD I may or may not have explained all that before but anyways, yes. So you can probably see where I was going with the drawing. I ts as such a strongly definitive image of Calliope; being perched atop the overlooking mountain in a beautifully serene and captivating trance as she creates the fog. I've been wanting to draw it for such a long time now because of that and I thought it would be the perfect way to represent Calliope for February as I see it as such a calming and serene month. I also have always imagined that because she is essentially unaware of the world around her as she creates the fog, if the weather is naturally rather humid she can unintentionally create more of a thick mist or even like a strange anti-gravitational rain flurry....aaaaand pretty much completely soak herself xD. Little does she know that she ends up making herself look like the outside of a cold soda can on a warm day, covered in condensation. Or more cutely worded; covered in dew drops! Also a funny thing that happens to her when it comes to water is that her hair completely straightens out. Actually, despite her hair usually being seen in giant curls, her hair is actually physically supposed to be straight like Faustus's hair is. The only reason its usually curled is because of heat. If her hair gets wet it goes back to being straight it will stay straight if she doesn't come in contact with anything warm, but the minute she touches or feels any type of warm energy it immediately and quite hilariously poofs up into curls xDD Faustus use to exploit this all the time when they were younger; sneaking up on her when she didn't expect it and cackle like a hyena when her hair would turn into a curl afro xDDDD
TwT Anyway, I remember some people asking to see Calliope's hair down at some point so again, I though this would be the perfect opportunity to draw it straight and loose as it fit the image so perfectly~

xD Anyways gosh, i'm just rambling about Calliope and haven't even mentioned the flowers yet haha //shot
^u^ Anyways, the flowers that I chose for her are Camellia and Primrose. I used pretty much every variety of Camellia but as far as Primroses go, I only wanted to use one specific variety; the Pink Evening Primrose. Even though I chose these flowers more so for meaning than looks, I did want to use specifically pink flowers to compliment her light blue colored skin, amongst other reasons. There are quite a few reasons why I chose these flowers actually. Since February is still a rather cold winter month (where I live) I wanted to look for flowers that actually do bloom in the winter as its easy to just think of dead branches and snow during the winter, but there are certainly some flowers that thrive even in the cold. Camellias are one of those flowers, given the nickname "winter rose" for this reason. Pink Evening Primrose is a little bit of a different story as to why I chose it. Primrose is actually the birth flower (or the flower of the month if you prefer) in some areas of the US and other places. The "official" birth flower of February is Violet, but Primrose are considered acceptable as well in some areas. xD Pink Evening Primroses are also quite special to me personally because where I live they grow wild and I adore them! They have a have a really lovely honey and sugar type of smell, are very adaptable and hardy for being such fragile looking flowers, and bloom for a really long time! xD I actually had no idea what they even were until I happened to stumble upon them while looking up flowers for this drawing and coming to Primroses. I was like "Omg, that is what those are?! I see these things all the time in my backyard! xD" After that I knew I just had to include they were perfect for the pink theme I wanted and for meaning too! In regards to meaning, Camellias are known to represent passion, desire, longing and unwavering loyalty and well as beauty, perfection, and excellence. Primroses also have very similar meanings; representing that of eternal undying love, but is also a symbol of temptation. The "primrose path" as its called, refers to "a way of life devoted to irresponsible hedonism, often of a sensual nature." I've mentioned it before, but Calliope, even amongst her own species of strikingly beautiful people, is seen by literally everyone she meets as exceptionally and almost unfathomably gorgeous. Basically, anyone who has ever laid eyes on her will say without hesitation that she is the most beautiful girl they've ever seen in their life. Not only that, she has quite remarkable etiquette and is kind, compassionate and articulate when it comes to formal meetings; nothing less than princess-like behavior if you will. Needless to say that "perfection" and "excellence" define her quite well. However, she is the type of person who you could say has a personality that changes depending on who she is with and what the situation is. In formal settings she is nothing less than a perfect "princess" and may seem quite shy, modest or naive, but away from important meetings and formalities she is quite different. She is very passionate and romantic, like most Unitrios are, but not in a...err... well not in an over-barring way but more permissive and exceedingly curious. Curiosity is most likely Calliope's most notable personality trait; she is always inquisitive and fascinated by that of new and different things and is generally bold enough to seek them out herself. Canonically, there are numerous instances in Calliope's life where she is pressed with... romantic situations... and while she is aware of the plethora of reasons why Unitrios cannot love those who are not part of their own Trio, and it is not intended with any ill will or from unsatisfaction with that of Shu and Etzel but she can't help but always be curious about how other people experience love or imagine what it would be like to be with another person. In this way, she is very sympathetic to Shu in regards to how he feels/felt about Reysol and does not show loathing or disgust to anyone that holds/had minute feelings for others not of their Trio like many Unitrios certainly would. in Its actually a very rare trait for Unitrios to feel even the slightest bit of romantic interest in anyone who is not of their own trio, but unfortunately for her, Calliope has that very unfortunate curse and her natural curiosity and sense of adventure certainly doesn't help that. For her, the "primrose path" is something that often crosses her mind. Even so, she may feel temptation and curiosity from time to time, but she truly and unquestionably loves Shu and Etzel and whatever curiosity she may have she has absolutely zero intention of ever breaking their bond.

///End convoluted story/symbolism blah

;___; Oh daaaaaaayum. Thats a textwall right thar. Yup. Dern sure is.
Wow, you know, I don't think I ever realized until now just how little i've truly spoken of Calliope until now. Hot damn, and i've spoken even less of Etzel so...ack. I don't even. @_@
I do so apologize for the length but... I just hate saying things that have no context because its not fair to assume that everyone knows every little detail of everything i've ever said about all of my OCs, you know? And if I didn't explain some things, other things that are directly relevant to the drawing wouldn't make sense either asdfghjkl-
TuT Anyways, like I said, don't ever feel obligated to read the the textwalls. Only if you are interested! Or if you are just bored I guess xD

T//w//T Anyways, I hope you guys like this one more than I do, haha.

Calliope belongs to me.
Media: Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus watercolor ink, Prismacolor Verithin pencils, white paint, toothbrush, photoshop for blur effects
Time taken form start to finish: About 20 hours ...why @___@
Date: February 28th, 2015
Art/designs/story/concepts ect. belongs to me BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission. THAT INCLUDES REBLOGGING ON TUMBLR.
January - Shine Bright by BlueRoseArkelle
January - Shine Bright
Click for full view!~ :heart:

^U^ Yaaay! Finally I am able to upload my monthly series drawing for January!
T//~//T I'm so so sorry that it got delayed, but just a horrible miasma of nonsense happened all at once from me getting sick, my keyboard breaking, my scanner being taken away to get fixed without anyone telling me, and then having to wait to get a new one OTL
TAT Anyways, i'm super sorry again for the delay, I hope you aren't all too mad at me...! OTL

My OC, Shu. He is a young boy.

T//u//T Anyways, for those of you who may not know, i'm doing a monthly drawing series of my OCs with flower themes. If you want to know the symbolism and story behind this drawing then feel free to read on, but if not that is fine but before you go, thank you so much for your favorite, comments and just for looking! I really really appreciate it!~ <3

//Start convoluted story/symbolism blah

For January I chose my OC, Shu, for a couple of reasons. One, he's my oldest (in terms of creation) still active character and is probably one of if not the most well known of all my characters to other people. Like, when you think of me, my OC Shu is probably one of the first things that would pop into your head, you know? January has the same effect whenever you think of a new year because its the first month! In addition to that, January is also the month that Shu celebrates his birthday, specifically on January 1st; New Years Day. I believe I've mentioned it before, but for those of you who don't know, Shu had virtually no memories of his life before meeting Reysol at around 6 years old, so he did not remember his birthday. Reysol decided that if that is the case he should celebrate his birthday at the same time the earth celebrates its birthday, on New Years Day, that way whenever he sees the fireworks in the sky he'll always remember his birthday. In a way, its quite a literal representation of how Shu's life "started anew" after meeting Reysol. The last and most literal reason for choosing January for him and what was kind of the inspiration for the drawing has to do with the aforementioned fireworks. All around the world fireworks are highly symbolic of the coming of the New Year, as is the beautiful midnight sky because of that. Shu himself has always had a strong symbolic connection to that of the midnight sky for many reasons, but specifically because of his eyes. Unlike most people who have black pupils, Shu's eyes have striking and somewhat unsettling bright yellow pupils and bright blue irises, very reminiscent of the night sky. Canonically, this visual quirk of his causes quite a bit of hardship for him, especially when he is younger. Again, its a very unusual thing to have and can be very unsettling to look at directly so more often then not when meeting Shu for the first time most people tend to have...unpleasant reactions to him because of it. To some they find it very unnerving and cannot look him in the yes, and to others they see it as some sort of spiritual flaw; that his eyes appear hollow and soulless and peirce through their own eyes as if trying to take their own soul with them. Either way, as most people consider looking into the eyes of a person as the best way to tell their character, because Shu's eyes are so visually off-putting to most people they tend to find him untrustworthy, malicious, or pervasive at first impression. To make Shu feel less self-conscious of his unusual eyes Reysol tells him that he does not see them as soulless and scary, but as beautiful and captivating like bright shining stars in the night sky. Over his life, many other people whom become important to him come to make similar comparisons about his eyes which makes him appreciate his unique feature much more.

TwT Hehe, so anyways, if it isn't obvious by now, the flowers that I chose to draw with him are supposed to be reminiscent of his eyes and that have star shapes. Usually I choose flowers more based on their meaning in regards to Floriography and how it symbolizes the character rather than for their looks, but this time I specifically sought out star shaped flowers xD. The flowers I liked the most that I though fit the image I wanted were Forget-Me-Not and Narcissus which coincidentally actually do relate to Shu rather well. Both are flowers known to represent pride, egotism, remembrance, devotedness, personal loyalty etc. Both have rather obvious names haha xD. But anyway, even though Shu's character doesn't exude an obvious or off-putting egotistical or self-centered nature, he does still very much have these personality traits but just not so obviously and not usually meant in a rude or negative way. More like... he has feelings and ideals that he heavily values and has a naturally strong amount of self worth and believes that everyone is entitled to happiness, himself included. He's more passionate than anything, and strong conviction and passion can give the feeling of narcissism and entitlement. So yes, he will go out of his way to pursue that which he loves and feels is important, but its not intended in the "i'm better than you" kind of way, if that makes sense.

Anyway, as far as the drawing itself, I again wanted to encapsulate that "night sky" kind of feeling so I wanted the majority of everything to be blue but with bright white and yellow highlights like stars against the dark blue sky.
xD I took a literal approach of making Shu's eyes have star shaped pupils to make it a bit more obvious what I was going for, but...i've actually been considering changing it to a canonical thing. Usually I NEVER change physical character traits like that unless they are justifiable changes made throughout the course of the story, but the symbolism between his eyes and stars has always been there and I just have a strong personal feeling like its the right thing to do. I'd say that 90% of all of my character's and stories develop purely by my own natural compulsion and because keeping the integrity and pureness of my of my vision at all times is extremely important to me I feel like its something I should do. Technically the only reason I ever made his pupils round in the first place was because they were a literal representation of his initial inspiration, the Pokemon Shuppet, but since his character has come so far beyond that of just a Pokemon Gijinka at this point it seems silly to cling to it so tightly anymore. ;3; I dunno, i'm not 100% decided yet if I will officially change them or if I will have it be a canonical change that happens in the story or change them at all, but if I do color will still be retina-melting-yellow of course xD //shot

//End convoluted story/symbolism blah

^//u//^ Anyways, yeah, thank you so much again everyone for your patience and understanding with the delay of this, but I really do hope you like it! I should also have the coloring video up on my YouTube channel later today if you are interested in that too <3
>w> And I hope you are all excited for this month's drawing....Its of a character that a lot of you really seem to like...! <333

*hugs everyone*

Shu belongs to me.
Media: Prismacolor Premiere/ Verithin pencils, Copic Markers, 0.3 B Mechanical pencil, white paint, toothbrush. Inking with Copic Multiliner 0.03 in Turquoise.
Time taken form start to finish: About 12 hours
Date: January 25th, 2015
Art/designs/story/concepts ect. belongs to me BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission. THAT INCLUDES REBLOGGING ON TUMBLR.
Egyptian Family Chibis by BlueRoseArkelle
Egyptian Family Chibis
  >w< The first of many chibi dumps that will come in the future xD //shot
I've said it before but for those of you who don't know, i'm working on a collective website for my characters so that if you are interested in them there will be a convenient place that I can direct people rather than I do now; just tell people pieces of information about my OCs are scattered around my Deviantart and you can go hunt for it if you really care xDDD //shottwice
For those of you who come to my Livestreams on Youtube or follow me on Twitter you can see them before I post them here, as well as sketches and WIPs and stuff on my Twitter.
//shameless advertizing OTL

^u^ Anyways, I will write stuff about these characters here in a little bit (i'm running super late right now OTL), but for now, thank you so very much for looking and I hope you like them!!~ <333

*W* So happy to have art to post again!! I miss you all so so soooo much!! *hugs everyone*

Characters and designs belongs to me.
Media: Sketched on paper, colored in Phyre Fire Alpaca, Photoshop
Time taken form start to finish: About 12 hours
Date: January 19th, 2015
Art/designs/story/concepts ect. belongs to me BlueRoseArkelle and you do not have permission to use, alter, repost or reproduce in any way without my permission. THAT INCLUDES REBLOGGING ON TUMBLR.
>//w//< Hiiii everyone!

I'm going to be streaming today starting 1pm Pacific time! So in about 25 minutes after I post this!
^u^ I'm going to be lining/coloring some chibis per usual. xD I have a ton of them to do haha~
Anyways, please do stop by if you can! I'll be live until this journal title says otherwise~
e w e And also, feel free to spam the chat with the corn icon and #praisethemaize !
xDDD <333



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>W< EEEEE Hi guys!!~ Ahh, it seems like so long since I last did a happy update journal and....xD well it has been. //shot
TvT I've been meaning to make an update journal for a little while now, but I figured it would be best to do one around the beginning of the new year. *U* Speaking of the new year, YAAAY Happy 2015 everyone!! I hope you guys are as happy as I am to see 2014 go away. It certainly holds a spot for one of the worst years in my life OTL
^U^ I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season though! @ U @ Ohhh and i'd love to know what you guys got for Christmas this year, if you celebrate it that is~ *//U//* My best childhood friend came to visit for the holidays as he is in the Navy, and ASDFGHJKL HE GOT ME A NEW WII U!! @//A//@ Like, a brand new one! With special controllers too! And a bunch of games like Super Mario 3D World, Hyrule Warriors, Pikmin 3, and Windwaker HD!! @ A @ AHHH seriously he is way too nice, I can't believe that he got me all that!! I haven't had a ton of time to really play everything yet as i've been drawing and working on art stuff like crazy since Christmas, but asdfgh what I have played so far I love!! >W< I can't wait to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess sometime too as I've never gotten the chance to play it before. xD And now I can play Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World and Rune Factory Frontier again after all these years. My original Wii broke like, 6 months after I got it years ago and I had never gotten a new one. ^//W//^ So yeah, i'm so super happy to have my lovely new Wii U to play not only newer games but also ones that i've missed or missed out on. >W< Best present ever!!~ <333
@ V @ Do let me know what you guys got as presents in the comments below!

TuT Haha, anyways, onto the actual updates. Its been a while and you guys know that I write textbooks so it'll be... kind of long. But I would very much appreciate reading it if you have the time <3

I'm sure most of you guys already know why I was gone for most of last year so I don't think I need to explain it again in detail, but I did just want to give a little bit of a explanation for those of you who might be new followers or who were out of the loop, and because Its very important to me to be honest with all of the lovely friends i've made and keep them informed when I do have big thing happen in my life that may subsequently effect them. If you already know about this, feel free to skip this part.
Anyway after I graduated High School in 2011 I almost immediately went to College for art, specifically for Video Game Art and Design. Idealistically, I loved the concept of being able to create video game sand art for them someday, which has always been a huge dream of mine. Unfortunately I was heavily pressured into going to college before I felt that I was ready and while I do greatly value the time I spent pursuing that and the knowledge I gained from it, if I had to make the same choice over again I would 100% not do it the same way. To be honest, rarely do I regret or resent things that happen in my life but going to college at that time is the one thing that I regret and resent my family for most in my life thus far. In 2013, two years of college later, I came to the realization that doing art for others of things that didn't inspire me was heavily draining my creativity and my desire to draw at all. When I realized that, despite the fact that I was "giving up" those two years I had invested, I knew that that I had to stop going to college for art lest I drain myself of my one true passion forever. To this day, I absolutely without a doubt believe that was the best decision even if others may not agree. Despite my love for video games and the prospect of being able to work on them as a career, I had to be honest with myself with the fact that drawing what other people want doesn't interest me in the slightest and despite being an amazing career it would end up bringing me no joy. In 2014, I felt relieved that I had come to that realization, however after the fact I also realized that I had no other direction in my life and I felt very lost. In addition to that, my creativity had been so drained from the years prior in college that for the first time in my life since discovering my love of art I didn't have the motivation to draw anymore. Drawing anything was such a struggle and often when I did force myself draw  I felt overwhelmed with the feelings of sadness and shame thinking of my "failure" in becoming a professional artist. Even though I knew I would be disappointing a lot of my lovely friends around the internet, I had to make the conscious decision to take time away from the art world to regain my focus and recharge myself creatively. In most of 2014 I was away for this reason. There was  definitely some huge lows in the last year for me, but as time progressed I began to feel a lot better and started to get my creativity back in part due to focusing on different creative outlets aside from drawing. In these last few months i've began to feel a million percent better and I'm starting to feel like my old self again. I still am not sure where my life will take me in the more distant future, but in this new year I've been given the rare opportunity to refocus myself to what I truly love and pursue my art as I see fit; on my own terms. Over the years i've built such a wonderful community and met so many amazing people whom i've had the honor of inspiring and influencing through my art and it hurt me tremendously to abandon you all for that time.

Again, i'm sure some of you already know about my plans to exclusively focus on my art this year, but since its finally 2015 now I want to explain it even better.
Some might call you "fans", but to me, all of you who admire me and my art, who encourage me, who genuinely love what I create, who continue to give me time and attention even when I don't know the right words to say thank you - you all aren't just "fans", you are all my friends. I've built this amazing community of friends on integrity and passion; on the things that I love and that I feel are important to share. Nothing makes me happier in the world then drawing things that I love and that inspire me, and I genuinely feel that even if its only in a small way, i've been able to spread my love and happiness to others and make their lives even the tiniest bit better. Sure, some of the things that I draw can seem gruesome and made with ill-intent upon casual glance, but underneath it all there is always a moral, a lesson to be learned, a story to be told, a perspective to be seen, or at the very core a person with looks or feelings we can relate to; whom we can see on a human level. I know it may seem pretentious to put such deep meanings on silly anime drawings, but know what everything I draw is with intention, even if it may not seem like it at first glance. A lot of people see my sincerity, and the amount of people who message me to tell me how much they love my art and how i've made them happier, included, or inspired by my aesthetic or message is countless. Its the most amazing and humbling feeling in the world, and to all of you i'm so incredibly grateful. Art is a truly amazing and powerful thing, it has the ability to inspire, influence, and motivate people like nothing else. I say it all the time, but there is truly no other power in the world that is stronger than the ability to inspire and influence people to do something of their own choice. Even if its only on a very small and insignificant scale in the scheme of things, I could use that power to spread bitterness and hate like so many people do, but there is enough of that in the world and I would rather spread acceptance, understanding, mercy, and happiness; the things the world truly needs.

I know i'm not the best or most popular artist ever and realistically it may be foolish to think that I can build a career on just my own art alone. But even so, over this last year i've truly realized what that you all mean to me and how happy I truly am when I'm drawing, writing stories and characters, making videos, livestreaming, and helping other artists in any way I can. When I made a Devianart and Youtube account I never EVER imagined how many people would come to love my art and characters. Just how many people care about anything I do or say. But every day, even while I was away, more and more people have become part of my once small group of friends, and I want to show how incredibly grateful I am to all you for that.
Like I've said before, I can't say how realistic of an option it will be in my life forever. I don't know if I will be able to keep making art and Youtube videos for you all forever, but I realize that I have a wonderful community that continues to grow each day and even if it may be unrealistic or foolish, I want to try my best to nurture that and see how it grows. Its a long-off dream right now, but even the smallest bit of hope that maybe in the future i'll be able to make a career of my own art on my own terms is just something that I don't want t miss the opportunity for. So, in 2015 I'm going to really be focusing my art, trying my best to grow my community and make even better art and videos for you all! :heart:

^u^ Lately i've been livestreaming again, this time on Youtube so that it is more easily assessable to the majority of people. In the streams I've been working on lots of chibi drawings of my characters for the purpose of having proper references. I've mentioned it before, but i'm working on making a proper website for my characters so that there is a neat, formal and easily accessible way for you all to see and read a bit about all of my characters. Or course, most of what will be there are things that i've said about them previously/ more general information as to prevent a plethora of spoilers (or leeching thieves from copying their stories) for the future, but you know. For the newer watchers or less-familiar people it will be a place where you can read a bit about them a bit if you are curious. A lot of people ask me about my characters and their stories etc. and a lot of what they ask are things i've already explained before. Unfortunately i've never really had a proper place to write down all of that sort of stuff and previously I've just explained things in the descriptions of my art or in livestreams which I'm aware probably makes it really hard for people to follow. ^u^ So yeah, it will be like a mini Arkelle's characters Wiki xD I will still of course write stuff in the descriptions of my art as I reveal more things about their characters, but I will also update the newly revealed information on the website so even if you missed it on a drawing you'll still know! Because of the site, and having a lack of proper references for my characters (OTL) i'd like to draw lots of references (chibi and normal) for my OCs over this year, so i'm sure that there will be a lot of livestreams/videos because of that xD
^U^ I'm also going to be doing a monthly series of drawings for the first time this year! I'm sure you guys all know how much I love drawing my OCs with flowers, so I've decided to do a traditional media symbolic drawing using floriography each month focusing on a different character of mine. >//w//< For those of you who read this journal, you'll be the first to know that this month is going to be of my OC, Shu!~ :heart:
TuT There are other things i'm thinking of doing, but i'm still working them out. I'm getting realllllllllly close to 10k subscribers on Youtube now and AHHHH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!?!? @ A @ I'd like to do something special for the milestone, but ack, i'm not sure what I want to do at all and i've been thinking about it forever! OTL

Also on a side note, for those of you who may not know, aside from drawing there is another creative outlet that i've become head over heels in love with over the last two years, and that is asian ball-jointed dolls. I've talked about them in the past and even shared a few pictures of them here, but i've since removed them as i'd like my Deviantart to focus soley on my drawings. ^u^ I do have a Flickr account now though, so if you also collect BJDs or would ever like to see mine I post pictures of them there. I'm really not a good photographer, but its been fun to learn and practice, and just to share more things in my life that are creative and I love! ^u^ I also make miniature flower crowns in doll scale that i'm planning to start selling this year, as well as trying out doing faceups commissions on BJDs and Azone dolls for other people as its something I really enjoy doing and would like to become even better at it~ I know a few people have asked me about that here, so just letting you know in case you've ever wanted me to custom paint a doll for you before, or you might like that in the future~ I still have no intention of doing drawing commission anytime in the future, but since faceups I have less emotional investment into than drawing they aren't nearly as taxing to my creativity to do for other people. Anyway, here's that linku desu xD :…

^W^ So yeah, anyways, i'm feeling sooooo much better and happier these days. I'm really sorry again that I had to take so much time away from you all, but I really did need the break and thank you all so very much for sticking with me during that time and being so understanding. I'm doing lots of creative stuff again these days and I couldn't be happier! ^//w//^ I'm so happy to be drawing and posting again for you all, and I hope that I can create lots of art and videos in this year that you will all enjoy! :heart:

...xD Oh, and also just wanted to mention that I post WIPS and doodles on my Twitter all the time as well as updates and livestream notices, so...ack I don't really want to sound like some king of salesman but if want to know all that stuff, Twitter is a great place to keep in touch with me!
e w e And make sure to tweet me #praisethemaize or anything corn related for no reason at all whenever you want. xD I'll greatly appreciate it haha <3333

Thank you all to much for reading all this if you did and really, thank you for being the best friends a person could have. ;//u//;
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>v< Stamps that I love!!~

DA Stamp - Perspective 01 by tppgraphics

Shuppet Stamp by 404fggt Reshiram Stamp by CalintzK


I Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostamps Stamp by LaylaTheBlackCheetah Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan Love :Stamp: by Circe-Baka :thumb76810001: Typing Stamp by In-The-Machine GURO STAMP by frogela Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan :thumb92397011: Yuri Stamp by Lead-Exile Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp: Gender is not... by Shendijiro SAY YES TO WINCEST by Dametora Twincest - Stamp by jibirelle Shota and Loli Stamp by bucchigiri In defense of shota stamp by infinipede Pedobear by Cornebus XD Stamp by MimiMarieT I_love_manga-stamp by kluska-chan OTL by Kiyamasho You Don't Have To Be - Stamp by GriffSGirl OC Love Stamp by rynoki OC comparison stamp by liento Act Your Age by alaska-is-a-husky I Heart Gender Bending Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Gender is Unimportant by Nyaasu Gender Roles Suck by siriuslylostwerewolf paying for dinner by Moonlight-pendent13 Equal Rights FTW by stuck-in-suburbia The Quenchiest Stamp by CubieJ :thumb191425175: Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagi Len stamp by Niza-Azoru IA Stamp 2 by Kurai-Kogami24 Practice Stamp by Zombie-Faerie Its Gotta Be Shiny Stamp by spud100 Lavender Town Stamp by FENNEKlNS Ghost-Type Stamp by Yenshin Poison-Type Stamp by Yenshin Steel-Type Stamp by Yenshin I Support Unicorns Stamp by SunsetDeamon Stamp - I Support Traps by foxlee Team Rocket Stamp by MarkiSan Stamp that never was. by jeeshgirl Poo stamp by Rahxy Katamari stamp by Galway :thumb189024097: Disney Stamp: Haters Gonna Hate by XxoOjunefoxOoxX Yaranaika stamp by Traversini :thumb180789475: Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Stamp by xSweetSlayerx YGOTAS: Rules screwed stamp by D-WTF mac stamp by maryduran I support yandere by VAlZARD Stamp: Trololorolled by Neozaki HS: Kanaya Maryam stamp by Janbearpig HS: Eridan Ampora stamp by Janbearpig HS: Equius Zahhak stamp by Janbearpig

What is your favorite month of the year? *3* 

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Looking forward to your March flower picture! I hope you had a good month! Huggle! 
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Ok so, uh...
Just wanna say I have been in love with your colouring and style ever since I first saw your YouTube channel.
I am a proud stalker :3
And I am really jealous of how well you can mix the colours together the way you do in your art.
And I wish I could afford to get one of those BJDs like yours >~<
And as soon as I saw your picture of all the HS trolls, I nearly passed out from holding my breath. I love homestuck.
Also, thank you for being an awesome person, and being brave enough to draw nipples.
You are a truly inspirational being ^v^ (& I'm sorry I'm sounding so creepy o~o )
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Omg i remember  two years ago when i discovered you on youtube and fell in love with your art, the first video of yours i watched was "sleight stride coloring finale" and it inspired me to buy prismacolor pencils! I just want to thank you for sharing your talent with us and being so kind and funny Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (a random deer appears)
Anywayyy i'm probably gonna go watch all your old videos right now, love you! :) Stay awesome
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thank you very much for the watch! (๑^っ^๑) ooo i love animal crossing
Bee-R Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015
You're a wonderful artist, I really love your world. Your pictures look so unique, mysterious and beautiful: your use of colors never fails to make each of your pieces stunning.
Your pictures look are filled with feelings and emotions, which I truly love and admire. :heart:
BlueRoseArkelle Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
;//A//; Oh my goshhhhh I can't believe that I didn't see or respond to this sooner! Really, I apologize!
But even if its forever late I just have to say thank you so much for your kind words! T//w//T I'm really happy and honored that you enjoy my art and stories and are able to see the thought, emotion, love that I put into it. I mean, I'm incredibly grateful whenever I get comments saying that my art is pretty, but more than anything I greatly appreciate comments like yours who genuinely admire my art as the multi-faceted pieces of love that I intend for them to be.

>//w//< Anyway, thank you so much again for your kind words, I really really appreciate them and i'm sorry I didn't notice them earlier! ;A;
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Bee-R Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
You're absolutely forgiven!! :huggle:
Honestly, you deserved each of my words ; v ; You're such a wonderful artist and I'm really happy I found you and your wonderful art, I really admire you and I'm willing to be as supportive as I can!! ; v ; :heart:
It's really fine, don't worry!! I'm the one who has to thank you actually, for amazing me! ; v ;
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Hello Arkelle ;w;
I'm so shy and awkward, omg.. But I discovered your youtube channel, and I'm in such love with your art!! :'33
I was wondering, if maybe at some time, we could make a digital art collab together? :'3
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